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Antique uzbek Ikat decoration of tent

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Antique small Ikat decoration of tent from Central Asia.

This hanging was probably made in the early of 20th century with uzbek traditional tribal patchwork. A recycled 19th century piece of handmade adras Ikat from an old ikat robe was used in the center. They recycle every little left over fabric form silk to cotton.
Great pattern with saturated natural colors.
Backed with wonderful Russian printed cotton.

Great for Boho-Chic, Bohemian decorating style, and can also be mixed with contemporary, modern or traditional decor.

Age: 1900s.
Size: 70-70 cm, 28”x28”.

"Kurak" are the Turkic word most Central Asians use for patchwork. Some scholars believe people have made kurak for over a millennium. Others tie its history to the nineteenth-century expansion of trade with Russia, which brought new materials to the region.

Regardless of its beginnings, the primary role of patchwork in Central Asia has always been as a protective charm used by brides, new mothers, and children to guard against sorcery, sickness, and evil spirits. Triangular fabric amulets (tumar or doga) attached to clothing and animal trappings were believed to appease supernatural elements, protect against harm, and keep the mystical forces of nature in harmony. The repeating triangles commonly found in Central Asian patchwork served a similar purpose, scaring off the "evil eye" and other bad thoughts and intentions.

This ethnic fabric could serve as inspiration for a textile designer.
  • QUALITY:  Blend of soft colors, natural dyes. It's elaborate, highly complex and bold dynamic design. The embroidery is very delicate. The handle is soft. The colours are rich.
  • CONDITION:  In very good. Very strong, solid vintage condition for its age. Because of the old and handmade quality of textile, there are small imperfections that add to it's one of a kind nature.
I try to show the unique colors and textures of each fabric as accurately as possible.

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